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Business Coach
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Business Coach

“An excellent coach enables people to see who they may become instead of who they are.” (Ira Rueder)

A Business Coach accompanies individuals, teams and organizations in becoming what they could be. The focus is always on securing future possibility. Topics frequently discussed are: excellence leadership in the VUCA world—volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous--, leading as facilitator, development of an agile and self-organized team, role clarification and conflict resolution in teams, as well as, supporting cultural change initiatives and digital transformation.

Business Coaches practice the coaching attitude. They work mindfully, empathetically, and professionally aloof and objective in the sense of the systemic paradigm.

In this Business Coach Educational Program, you will acquire proven tools to initiate and accompany development processes at different levels—organization, team, and individual—in an agile, systemic, efficient and successful manner.

Our Business Coach Educational Program is intense and practical—that is, exactly as it should be. The goal is for you to quickly and successfully enter into real coaching processes with clients. To achieve this, you will learn how to use proven methods confidently from us. From a variety of coaching methods, we have selected those that you really need and may use confidently in your daily work. These include cognitive methods, conversation techniques and systemic approaches.

In the spirit of agile work, we have freed all methods from outdated components and adapted them to the needs of individuals and organizations of the 21st century. This successful combination enriches your training days with deep insights and motivating experiences of success.


What is the content of the Business Coach education?

In our Business Coach education you will learn and internalize the role and inner attitude required to work systemically as a Business Coach. You will learn how to apply systems thinking to consider systems’ interdependencies in a holistic way.

You will learn how to support individuals, teams and organizations in uncovering and capitalizing on potential that has not yet been utilized. You will be able to design appropriately and accompany the implementation of such processes. You will be able to identify individual strengths and areas for development and apply models and methods to show the participants new options for action.

By means of assignment clarification, you will ensure that development objectives are clear to all parties involved, while avoiding self-assignment.

At the end of the two compact training blocks, you will have a short, practical skills testto apply what you have learned up to then in a controlled environment, while receiving constructive feedback from mentors.

Part 1. Basics of agile working. Attitude and role of the Business Coach. Systemic paradigm. Basics of Systemic Coaching. Coaching phases, psychological models of communication, conversation and questioning techniques, conversation guidelines.  Assignment clarification, starting a coaching career.

Part 2. Psychological foundations. Personality models, Social and Organizational Psychology, systemic approach and multi-level systems theory. Knowledge transfer into coaching practice.

Part 3. Coaching Practice I. Mental techniques for strengthening implementation success, working with metaphors and visualizations, methods for developing vision and values statements.

Part 4. Coaching Practice II.  Methods for decision making and resolution of internal conflicts, short practical skills test.


How will you benefit from the Business Coach education?

  • You will know and embody the role and inner attitude of a coach
  • You will learn the basics of coaching, the coaching phases and method components
  • You will know the basics of agile working, agile values and principles, agile mindset and attitude
  • You will know the basics of communication psychology and will be able to reflect on and analyse communication behaviour
  • You will know effective questioning techniques and possibilities of intervention and will be able to apply them
  • You will learn techniques for assignment clarification and interviewing
  • You will be aware of the risks behind self-assignment and you will be equipped to avoid them
  • You will reflect on how to deal with conflict and resistance and you will load your toolbox with methods for resolution
  • You will know psychological personality models, as well as, social and organizational psychology
  • You will understand the systemic approach and multi-level system theory
  • You will practice coaching conversations in a controlled environment during the training days, and also afterwards with colleagues from your peer group
  • You will receive feedback from peers and mentors
  • You will exchange ideas and learn from one another
  • You will reflect on your own coaching development and you will be able to complete the process successfully

The Business Coach Educational Program focuses on the development of high-potentials and experts with at least 5 years of professional experience, as well as, supporting leaders—in their lighthouse role—to bring about digital and agile transformation and cultural change.

  • Interactive Theory development
  • Group Workshop Format
  • Discussion in plenary session
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Peer Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Work on Practical Examples
  • 4 Days - Basis for Master-Class-Curriculum
  • Certificate "Business Coach Compact"
  • 20 Days - modular design
  • Certificate: "Business Coach Master Class"
  • Enables for membership e.g. in dvct, DBVC, ICF, etc.
The Master Class Learning Journey comprises
  • 1 Compact Module (1x 4 Days)
  • 2 Workshop Modules of your choice (2x 2 Days)
  • 3 Master Class Modules (3x 4 Days)
  • : 4
  • : 09:00 - 17:30
  • : 2.950,00

3.510,50 / incl. MwSt.

  • 06.10.21 - 09.10.21
  • 19.01.22 - 22.01.22
  • 20.04.22 - 23.04.22
  • 13.07.22 - 16.07.22
  • 05.10.22 - 08.10.22

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Christine Hinz

Dipl. Betr.Wirt. Professional Coach, Wirtschaftsmediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert, Ausbilderin, Lehr-Coach und Suvervisorin. Ihr Motto: "Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.“(Einstein)

Djura Kirschner

Betriebswirtin MBA, Vertriebsarchitektin, Agile Coach, Business Coach, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklerin, Teamentwicklerin, Prozessbegleiterin. Ihr Motto:"I have learned, that people forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!“ (Maya Angelou)

Bettina Körner

Wirtschaftspsychologin (B.Sc.), Agile Coach, Business Coach, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Organisationsentwicklerin. Ihr Motto:"Kapital lässt sich beschaffen, Fabriken kann man bauen, Menschen muss man gewinnen." (H.C.von Rohr)

Ira Rueder

M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management. Agile Coach, Business Coach, Karriereberaterin, Mediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert. Ihr Motto: "The wider the experience, the stronger the personality."

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