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Master Class. Business Model You. Professionality. Quality. Integrity. Masterpiece. Certification.
Coaching Excellence Ausbildung

Master Class Masterpiece: Business Model You. Professionality. Quality. Integrity. Certification.

“He who stops being better stops being good.” (Oliver Cromwell)

After successful completion of your Educational Program—as an Agile Business Coach, Agile Change Manager, Mediator and Conflict Solver, Moderator and Facilitator, or Trainer—we offer you the possibility of earning an attractive, recognized certification.

In this certification module you will go through a practice-relevant and founded assessment of your personal skills and technical knowledge, which are essential to you in your new role as Agile Business Coach, Agile Change Manager, Mediator and Conflict Solver, Moderator and Facilitator or Trainer.


What are the topics of the Master Class Masterpiece Business Model You?

Key topics and practical skills—for working as an agile business coach, agile change manager, mediator, conflict solver, moderator and facilitator, or trainer—will be assessed. As a participant, you will do a practical test – your personal masterpiece – thus giving the group and the auditors an insight into your skills.

Your masterpiece marks the completion of your Educational Program and is a prerequisite for certification and recognition by various professional associations.

The practical test includes

  • Agile Business Coaches, coaching in action
  • Agile Change Managers, the contract clarification for an organizational development process and the development of a strategic transformation plan
  • Mediators, carrying out a mediation
  • Moderators, performing a moderation sequence
  • Trainers, carrying out a training sequence
  • Followed by individual feedback and certification by the auditors

How do you benefit from the Master Class Masterpiece Business Model You?

  • You will reflect on your own knowledge and skills, as well as, the quality and professionalism of your work
  • You will gain valuable and profitable insights into your future new job role
  • You will be optimally prepared—throughout your training—for your future work with clients
  • We will offer you individual qualification and enough time for your personal development
  • You will receive a certificate from us showing the contents of your education program in detail
  • You will be qualified to pursue membership in the relevant professional associations based upon the skills test and certification
  • This will clearly differentiate you from non-certified colleagues
  • You will create a competitive advantage to use in your self-marketing
  • You will contribute significantly to the quality assurance and professionalization of the coach, change manager, mediator, moderator and trainer profession
  • Master Pieces: Presentation
  • Skill Test
  • Reflexion of Skill Test
  • Feedback from Peers
  • Feedback from Auditors
  • Discussion in Plenary Session
  • Peer Coaching
Certification Module
  • 4 Days - Basis for Master Class Certificate
  • Certificate: Master Class Masterpiece: Business Model You
  • 20 Days - modular design
  • Certificate: Master Class (+titel of chosen compact education)
  • MC Certificate shows all completed courses
  • Basis for joining relevant professional associations e.g. dvct, DBVC, ICF, IAF, BM, etc.
The Master Class Learning Journey comprises
  • 1 Compact Module by choice (1x 4 Days)
  • 2 Workshop Modules by choice (2x 2 Days)
  • Master Class Communication@Work (4 Days)
  • Master Class Psychology@Work (4 Days)
  • Master Class Masterpiece (4 Days)
  • : 4
  • : 09:00 - 17:30
  • : 2.950,00

  • 16.12.20 - 19.12.20
  • 23.06.21 - 26.06.21
  • 15.12.21 - 18.12.21

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Christine Hinz

Dipl. Betr.Wirt. Professional Coach, Wirtschaftsmediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert, Ausbilderin, Lehr-Coach und Suvervisorin. Ihr Motto: "Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.“(Einstein)

Kiera Lenz

Psychologin (M.Sc.), Moderatorin, Trainerin, Agile Coach, Business Coach, Organisationsentwicklerin, Teamentwicklerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert, LINC Personality Profiler. Ihr Motto: "Die Zukunft soll man nicht voraussehen wollen, sondern möglich machen." (Antoine de Saint Exupery)

Irene Lukas

Soziologin & Psychologin (M.A.), Trainerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Moderatorin, Mediatorin, Business Coach, Agile Coach, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklerin, Teamentwicklerin. Ihr Motto: "Die Antworten auf unsere heutigen Herausforderungen kommen aus der Zukunft, nicht aus der Vergangenheit." (Frederic Vester)

Ira Rueder

M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management. Agile Coach, Business Coach, Karriereberaterin, Mediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert. Ihr Motto: "The wider the experience, the stronger the personality."

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