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Master Class. Psychology@Work.
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Master Class. Psychology@Work.

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.” (Stephen R. Covey)

What are the psychological mechanisms of successful communication? What motivates people? How can different types of personality be differentiated? What happens when different typologies meet in groups and teams? How can teams be developed? How do organizations evolve? When is an organization an agile and learning organization?

For the professional work as a people leader, coach, change manager, mediator, moderator & trainer, basic psychological knowledge is a must-have.

This compact training is therefore about the basics of positive psychology:

  • Communication Psychology
  • Motivational psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Organizational psychology.

You will understand what ticks different people off, as well as, what drives them. You will learn about the Group Dynamics Theory, thus understanding the underlying processes in teams and groups. You will learn the basics of organizational psychology, the systemic paradigm, system interactions and how to deal with them.

The Psychology@Work Compact Course is a core component of the 20-day Master Class Curriculum. It can also be booked independently of the curriculum.


What are the topics of the Master Class Psychology@Work?

Basics of Positive Psychology

Part 1. Motivational psychology: Individual motives, motivation, values. Driver and booster dynamics, psychology of fears, dealing with resistance, individual ability to change.

Part 2. Personality psychology: models of personality typology and their goal-oriented use in coaching, counseling, leadership. Personality development.

Part 3. Social Psychology: Team Phases & Team Dynamics and Their Characteristics. Dealing with group dynamics. Team Building & Team Development.

Part 4. Organizational Psychology: Systemic Paradigm. Systemic laws. Interactions in systems. Characteristics of agile learning organizations. Approaches to organizational development.

Among others, we will work with the following models & methods

  • The Flow-Model
  • Booster Dynamics
  • Change Curve
  • The Riemann-Thomann Model
  • Value and Development Square
  • DiSC Profile
  • Big Five
  • Tuckman's stages of group development
  • Belbin’s Team Roles
  • Systemic Paradigm
  • Peter Senge's Laws of Systems Thinking

How do you benefit from the Master Class Psychology@Work?

  • You will know different personality models and you will be able to apply them
  • You will reflect on your own personality type and your peer group colleagues’
  • You will learn together how to identify personality types based upon their characteristics
  • You will know the basics of social psychology and how people interact with each other
  • You will know the stages of group development and their implications
  • You will be able to deal with group dynamic developments in team processes
  • You will know the basics of organizational psychology, the systemic approach and the systemic laws
  • You will learn different options for dealing with interdependencies in systems
  • You will acquire important basic psychological knowledge for professional work as a coach, change manager, mediator, moderator, and trainer
  • Interactive theory development
  • Group workshop format
  • Discussion in plenary session
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Sociometry
  • Agile Games
  • Peer Coaching
  • Feedback from Trainer & Peers
  • 4 Days - Basis for Master-Class-Curriculum
  • Certificate "Psychology@Work. Positive Psychology Compact"
  • 20 Days - modular design
  • Certificate: depending on the chosen Master Class Theme
  • Enables for membership e.g. in IAF etc.
The Master Class Learning Journey comprises
  • 1 Compact Module (1x 4 Days)
  • 2 Workshop Modules of your choice (2x 2 Days)
  • 3 Master Class Modules (3x 4 Days)
  • : 4
  • : 09:00 - 17:30
  • : 2.950,00

3.510,50 / incl. MwSt.

  • 03.08.22 - 06.08.22
  • 23.11.22 - 26.11.22
  • 15.02.23 - 18.02.23
  • 17.05.23 - 20.05.23
  • 02.08.23 - 05.08.23
  • 22.11.23 - 25.11.23

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Kiera Lenz

Psychologin (M.Sc.), Moderatorin, Trainerin, Agile Coach, Business Coach, Organisationsentwicklerin, Teamentwicklerin, Prozessbegleiterin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert, LINC Personality Profiler. Ihr Motto: "Die Zukunft soll man nicht voraussehen wollen, sondern möglich machen." (Antoine de Saint Exupery)

Ira Rueder

M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management. Agile Coach, Business Coach, Karriereberaterin, Mediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert. Ihr Motto: "The wider the experience, the stronger the personality."

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