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Workshop #OKR. Objectives & Key Results. Quaification as OKR Champion
Intensiv Training. Zertifiziert.

Workshop #OKR. Objectives & Key Results. Qualification as OKR Champion

"Give people freedom and they will amaze you." (Frank Kohl-Boas. Google)

How exactly does working with OKRs ideally work? How are Objectives & Key Results defined? How does an OKR cycle work? What are the fundamentals of it? What are the roles and formats in working with OKRs? What are core elements?

In this training you will learn what working with OKRs means, how to implement OKRs in the organization and how to formulate Objectives & Key Results. You will acquire the basics to formulate objectives in your organization that are really relevant and will be able to actively shape the future of your company.

The training to become an OKR Champion contains the experience from many years of OKR consulting and quite a few OKR implementations in different structures from startups to corporations. You will learn which challenges arise when introducing Objectives & Key Results, how to solve them and what is important for a successful implementation.

Together, we illuminate all phases of OKR introduction - from creating the right conditions, to facilitating OKR workshops, to implementing OKRs in day-to-day business. After completing the OKR Champion training you will be able to safely accompany the introduction of OKRs in organizations.


These are the topics we work on in the #OKR Champion training:

  • Origins and background of OKRs
  • OKRs as an agile framework
  • Meaning of the OKR cycle
  • Characteristics & definition of Objectives
  • Characteristics & definition of Key Results
  • Formulation of relevant Objectives & Key Results
  • Introduction of OKRs in the organization
  • Meaning of OKR Check-In, Daily, Weekly and OKR Retrospective
  • Conducting OKR Planning Meetings
  • Designing & conducting OKR Retrospectives
  • Practical transfer: formulating OKRs for the personal daily work routine and planning an OKR cycle

This is how you benefit from the training to become an #OKR Champion

  • You know the background & origin of the OKR framework
  • You know the elements of good objectives
  • You know the characteristics of Key Results
  • You are able to formulate relevant Objectives & Key Results
  • You know the meaning of the OKR cycle
  • You know what is important in OKR Planning
  • You are able to facilitate an OKR Planning Meeting
  • You can perform a well OKR Check-In
  • You know what an OKR Retrospective is and how it is conducted
  • You will be able to actively contribute to the agile transformation of your organization
  • You will receive an effective tool to achieve an optimal team performance
  • You will work on practical examples and thus achieve confidence in working with OKRs.
  • OKR Framework
  • Interactive theory development
  • Group workshop format
  • Discussion in plenary session
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Feedback from Trainer & Peers
  • Work on practical examples
  • : 2
  • : 09:00 - 17:30
  • : 1.750,00

2.082,50 / incl. MwSt.

  • 14.11.22 - 15.11.22
  • 23.01.23 - 24.01.23
  • 17.04.23 - 18.04.23
  • 10.07.23 - 11.07.23
  • 23.10.23 - 24.10.23

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Anne-Katrin Böhm

Event Managerin B.A., Dipl. Schauspielerin und Musical-Darstellerin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Ausbilderin Fokus Auftrittskompetenz und Kommunikation, Agile Coach, Business Coach. Ihr Motto: "Es gibt nichts Gutes, ausser man tut es." (Erich Kästner)

Robert Brux

M.Sc. Anglistik und Politikwissenschaften, Systemischer Coach, Mediator, Business Trainer, Teamentwickler, Crew Resource Management Trainer (u.a. für Lufthansa). Sein Motto: "Die Lösung ist immer einfach. Man muss sie nur finden." (Alexander Solschenizyn)

Guntram Lukas

Ethnologe (M.A.), Trainer, Prozessbegleiter, Moderator, Mediator, Business Coach, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, OKR Master, Personal- und Organisationsentwickler, Teamentwickler. Sein Motto: "Egal ob du glaubst du schaffst es oder du schaffst es nicht: du wirst in jedem Fall Recht behalten." (Henry Ford)

Heena Raj

Psychologin (B.Sc.), Betriebswirtin und Wirtschaftspsychologin (B.A.), Agile Coach, Business Coach, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin. Ihr Motto:"Wir sind nicht nur verantwortlich für das, was wir tun, sondern auch für das, was wir nicht tun." (Molière)

Marie-Luise Rauer

Dipl. Ing., M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management. Agile Coach (SCRUM, KANBAN, Lean SixSigma), Business Coach, Team Coach, Trainerin, Organisationsentwicklerin. Ihr Motto: "Plausible Unmöglichkeiten sollten unplausiblen Möglichkeiten vorgezogen werden." (Aristoteles)

Ira Rueder

M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management. Agile Coach, Business Coach, Karriereberaterin, Mediatorin, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin, Denison Culture Assessment Expert. Ihr Motto: "The wider the experience, the stronger the personality."

Cansel Sörgens

Philologin (B.A.) und Master of European Studies (M.A.), OKR Master, Agile Coach, Business Coach, Moderatorin, Trainerin, Teamentwicklerin, Organisationsentwicklerin. Ihr Motto:"Start the Journey towards your Goals!" 

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