What separates good from excellent? What is the reason for pebbles being grey and jewels being shiny? It is due to the fact that their potential has been detected and they have been developed to splendor & brilliance. When you are aiming at personal excellence then our certified educations & training courses are just the right selection.

Your future viability is our focus. High practical relevance & scientific foundation are important to us. For this we bring in the consulting experiences of our sister company CHANGE 4 SUCCESS as well as our scientific expertise and the holistic view of individual - team - organization.

Program | Certified Education | Intensive Training


Agile Coach Development.
Drive Self-Organization.
The Future of Work is Agile.
Education. Master Class.


Agile Organization.
Digital Transformation.
Cultural Change.
Future Viability.


Agile Leader. Agile Mindset.
Lead Change. Lead Projects.
Digital Front Runner.


Innovation Toolbox.
Creative Problem Solving.
Design Thinking.
LEGO Serious Play.


Business Coach.
Team Coach.
Life Coach.


Business Mediator.
Diversity Competence.
Intercultural Skills.


Agile Facilitation.
WorkHacks. BarCamps.
Events. OpenSpace.
Lean Coffee. World Café


Business Trainer.
Visual Excellence.


With many years of experience in the top management of global corporations, we are experts for leadership excellence. Diploma and Master programs in Psychology, Education and Business Coaching & Change Management expand our expertise.

We know what matters in NewWork and Agile Leadership & Collaboration today:

  • Management means to do the right things
  • Leadership means to do the right things in the right way as well as agile, people- and future-oriented

In order to be able to do the right things correctly, agile, excellent, humane and future-oriented in your role as a leader, HR manager, experts and consultants, we are happy to support you with training, workshops and education: Compact & Master Class.

Our high standards of our own performance, professionalism and quality assures you of modern advanced training at the highest level. Training & Education with certification is included.

The ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE is a training institution specializing in the education & development of top performers, leadership personalities, coachs & trainers. Our program: Agile Coach, Agile Change Manager, Agile Innovator, Agile Leader, Business Coach, Business Mediator, Business Moderator, Business Trainer. Get FIT4FUTURE. Peak Performance Level.

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