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Game-Changing Development

What separates good from excellent? What is the reason for pebbles being grey and jewels being shiny? It is due to the fact that their potential has been detected and they have been developed to splendor & brilliance. When you are aiming at personal excellence then our certified educations & training courses are just the right selection.

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Your future viability is our focus. High practical relevance & scientific foundation are important to us. For this we bring in the longterm consulting experiences of our sister company CHANGE 4 SUCCESS as well as our scientific expertise and the holistic view of individual - team - organization.

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Due to the current situation, we have postponed many of our training courses and workshops to the second half of the year.

At the same time, we offer a number of Online Seminars & Webinars so that education and training at excellence level can as well take place in your #HomeOffice.

In the VirtualClassRoom we work just as interactively as in physical classroom training. Have you ever wanted to work with an avatar? Just do it in our online seminars. It's fun! Give it a try - we look forward to working with you!

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#Agile Facilitation.
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With many years of experience in the top management of global corporations, we are experts for leadership excellence. Diploma and Master programs in Psychology, Education and Business Coaching & Change Management expand our expertise.

We know what matters in NewWork and Agile Leadership & Collaboration today:

  • Management means to do the right things
  • Leadership means to do the right things in the right way as well as agile, people- and future-oriented

In order to be able to do the right things correctly, agile, excellent, humane and future-oriented in your role as a leader, HR manager, experts and consultants, we are happy to support you with training, workshops and education: Compact & Master Class.

Our high standards of our own performance, professionalism and quality assures you of modern advanced training at the highest level. Training & Education with certification is included.

The ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE is a training institution specializing in the education & development of HR professionals, consultants, top performers, leadership personalities and agile roles like scrum masters and product owners. With our passion for excellence in collaboration - leadership - coaching in our program we are focussing the following educations: Agile Coach, Agile Change Manager, Agile Innovator, Agile Leader, Business Coach, Business Mediator, Business Moderator, Business Trainer. #FIT4FUTURE #PeakPerformanceLevel

Ira Rueder

The workshop Agile Facilitation is a lonely top! Many new tools & agile games, competent, friendly trainer, great rooms, intensive exchange with the group: THANK YOU for 2 intensive and instructive days!

Melanie A.

The workshop Agile Facilitation was highly competent, professionally mediated by the moderators and was a lot of fun. I also filled my method toolbox and learned a lot (agiles). Highly professional trainers, great group, agile mindset & methods, great visualization, cool location. Simply perfect! THANK YOU!

Sebastian W.

Great training as an Agile Coach: Great mix of methods, good work dynamics, appreciative interaction with each other and a well-rehearsed trainer team made the 4 days a great experience. Essential agile values such as courage, openness, transparency and focus were not only discussed, but also lived during the training. How it must be with a good advanced training! An education that makes one believe in the success of agile work in practice - if anyone still had doubts. ;-)

Victoria Grothe
vieconsult. Wien & Frankfurt

In many years of leadership I have attended several seminars, but have rarely experienced such an exciting, refreshing and effective training! Thank you very much for your training as "Agile Leader - excellent in leadership"!

U. Kliem

I am very enthusiastic that a 4-day compact training leads to the fact that my life changes so positively through reflection, new perspectives and methods and that I have gained so many new options for thinking and acting. Understanding people's individual worldviews is enormously enriching. Thank you for making this possible with your help. The training as Business Coach and Life Coach is highly recommendable!

A. Wulf

The training as Agile Change Manager & Systemic Organizational Developer is an absolute "must-have" for everyone who accompanies agile & digital transformation. THANK YOU for a profound, innovative and very interactive training!

Karolina Kögel

Program Management & Information

Magdalena Dacz
Program Management
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Ira Rueder
Program Management
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Ann-Kathrin Ulreich
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